The Dr. Parminder Singh Award of Distinction recognizes the vital relationship between community and hospital-based pediatricians and sub-specialists that plays a significant role in the health outcomes of BC children and youth. This award is offered by the BC Pediatric Society in co-operation with the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. Information about previous award recipients can be found here.

Congratulations to Dr. John Mawson
2021 Dr. Parminder Singh Award

Here’s what Dr. Mawson’s nominators said about him:

We are very pleased to nominate Dr. John Mawson for the 2021 Dr. Parminder Singh Award. This award recognizes the valuable contribution of a BC Children’s Hospital- based specialist in providing consultation and support to community pediatricians. Dr. John Mawson embodies the spirit of this award. He has been a resource to BC pediatricians for many years. When community pediatricians reach out for his invaluable expert opinion, he is thoughtful and thorough and his manner is collegial and kind. Not only is Dr. Mawson’s clinical acumen top notch but he regularly picks up the phone to call the pediatricians who have requested radiologic review in order to discuss the cases. This direct communication gives community pediatricians a feeling of connection to, and support from, the BC Children’s Hospital Department of Radiology. In turn, this makes Dr. Mawson a valuable contributor to the well-being of the province’s community pediatricians.

In terms of his support for pediatric subspecialty services, his role in supporting the child maltreatment pediatricians of BC has been significant. He has been instrumental in establishing a system of high imaging standards for cases of possible child maltreatment, and he perseveres in his quest for consistency in radiologic standards for these complex and anxiety-provoking cases. He meets regularly with the BC Children’s Hospital Child Protection Service clinicians for child maltreatment radiology rounds, and now has welcomed pediatricians from around BC to join these sessions virtually. He has been and continues to be a supportive and patient instructor for pediatric residents. One example of his support for residents is in his having volunteered to participate in delivering the academic half day teaching session about child maltreatment and provided valuable teaching about the radiologic findings of abuse. Dr. Mawson’s excitement about his work is apparent and his enthusiasm is infectious.  His support for both community and subspecialty pediatricians, as well as pediatricians in training, has certainly improved health outcomes for children and youth in BC.

The Dr. Judith Hall Award recognizes excellence in research (particularly evidence-based medicine), policy development, community involvement and improving the status of or empowering pediatricians. Information about previous award recipients can be found here.


Congratulations to Dr. Dzung Vo
2021 Dr. Judith Hall Award

Here’s what Dr. Vo’s nominators said about him:

Dzung has been key to moving forward several initiatives that have become increasingly important in Pediatrics. He has grown the Division of Adolescent Medicine; successfully implemented a Mind-Body approach to helping youth and children address mental health and physical health issues; been at the forefront of the Social Pediatrics initiative both improving the health of children from disadvantages communities and bringing awareness of these issues to the Department. These initiatives began long before the pandemic, but the stresses on youth and disadvantaged children made them all the more relevant. He has also introduced Mindfulness meditation to professionals throughout BC, as means of addressing wellness.