The Dr. Parminder Singh Award of Distinction recognizes the vital relationship between community and hospital-based pediatricians and sub-specialists that plays a significant role in the health outcomes of BC children and youth. This award is offered by the BC Pediatric Society in co-operation with the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. Information about previous award recipients can be found here.

Congratulations to Dr. Wingfield Rehmus
2022 Dr. Parminder Singh Award

Here’s what Dr. Rehmus’ nominators said about her:

Cheerfully so supportive of community colleagues, advice is timely, expert and helpful. Works to keep patients in community and to increase skills of community peds. Takes time to teach and give local rounds in our hospital by zoom and offers resources, handouts, websites and actively strives to run working groups and create excellent resources online . Asks questions and listens. Also, dermatology is TOP NOTCH with consult letters and even just responding that referral has been received.


The Dr. Judith Hall Award recognizes excellence in research (particularly evidence-based medicine), policy development, community involvement and improving the status of or empowering pediatricians. Information about previous award recipients can be found here.


Congratulations to Dr. Paul Thiessen
2022 Dr. Judith Hall Award





Here’s what Dr. Thiessen’s nominators said about him:

Over his 40 yr career at BCCH hospital, Dr. Thiessen has change policy and advocated for the children of BC.  As medical director of the newborn nursery he was instrumental in starting the Fir program to support babies exposed to substance use and their parents, endorsing a model of care which keeps moms and babies together with improved outcome for both.  This program is now modelled in nationally.  He also worked many years as the medical lead of the spinal cord clinic providing multidisciplinary care to children with this and related congenital anomaly.  Lastly he should be acknowledged for being a mentor and a role model to a generation of paediatricians who trained at BCCH.

Dr. Paul Thiessen chose to donate his $500 award to Bethany Kids Love Heals – BethanyKids; they train individuals in Africa to provide surgeries and holistic care for children in need.