What is the
BC Pediatric Society?

The BC Pediatric Society (BCPS) is the Professional Association of pediatricians and pediatric sub-specialists in BC.

We have a vision! The BCPS vision is that all BC infants, children, adolescents and their families will attain optimal physical, mental and social health.

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Child receiving an immunization shot


Vaccines are the material, or fluids, administered as part of this process. Vaccines have saved the lives of more babies and children than any other medical intervention in the past 50 years.

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Dealing with a wide range of issues

If you are looking for information about your child’s health, the BC Pediatric Society (BCPS) website is a good place to start. We deal with a wide range of issues, from Childhood Obesity to Child and Youth Mental Health. You can get resources for each of these issues below.

Information about childhood obesity and helpful resources can be found here.

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The BC Pediatric Society has a number of helpful resources for families concerning their child's mental health.

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As a parent, you can help your child succeed in life by accessing trained professionals. The BCPS has resources to aid you.

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Good oral hygiene is linked to better long term health outcomes, so start early on preventive dental care.

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The BC Pediatric Society has materials that help prepare you for successful conversations with your child's teachers regarding developing friendships.

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Do you have a concern about the expense of prescription medication? The BC Pediatric Society has some resources to help.

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Helpful health resources.

We have reviewed many websites, and offer them to you as “first steps” if you are looking for information to help your child.

In the first set, each website covers a variety of topics.

In the second set, pediatricians have selected a list of diseases parents are most likely to ask about.

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