The BC Pediatric Society, with the support of various unrestricted educational grants, has produced a number of resources that we hope you will find helpful. You will see on this page a list of resources we have available.


School Physician Communication Form

Is Your First Nations Patient Having Difficulty Accessing Needed Supports and Services?

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Jordan’s Principle is a federal program to ensure all First Nations children can access the products, services, and supports they need, when they need them. It can help with a wide range of health, social, and educational needs. This program applies to supports and services for First Nations youth age 19 or younger. Click Here.

Social Relationships and Friends

the BC Pediatric society has materials that help prepare parents for successful conversations with their child’s teachers regarding developing friendships.

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Healthy Weights

The BC Pediatric Society provides information about childhood obesity and helpful resources for parents and pediatricians.

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Disability Tax Credits

The BC Pediatric receives complaints about the disability tax credit. We have provided guidelines though the CPS for filling out the form.

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School Based Wellness Clinics

The BC Pediatric Society is actively engaging with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Mental Health and Addiction, the Ministry of Child and Family Development, and the Ministry of Health to encourage establishment of school based wellness clinics throughout the Province.

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Child receiving an immunization shot