BCPS Medical Transfer Summary (MTS)

The BC Pediatric Society Medical Transfer Summary (MTS) is a 2-page print fillable form or guide to dictation and is available in common Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).

Page 1: For Pediatrician Use

Letter size (download and print the PDF to manually enter information)
Fillable (enter information electronically online and save to your desktop)
As a guide to dictation

Page 2: For Patient, Family or Pediatrician Use. Contains patient and family information including Special Considerations (e.g., benefit status).

You can download and print Page 2 of the Medical Transfer Summary: Patient/Family Information Section and ask patients or family to complete it and return it to you for your review.

Tips for Making the Medical Transfer Summary Work for You

“Reduces the need for supplementary phone calls or correspondence.”

“Second page helpful as a family resources and family physicians appreciate having the information. Can work well if family completes the page then you review it with them.”