Do you have a concern about the expense of prescription medication?


Prescription medication costs can be kept affordable by several methods, but choices can be complex and depend on underlying diseases (e.g. cancer drugs are more readily covered thanĀ  drugs for non life threatening conditions) for more information on PharmaCare makes these decisions, pleaseĀ click here

PharmaCare has rules about what medications are covered based on cost, and newer medications have to be proven to be better before being considered. They may be eligible for “special authority” if the patient meets specific criteria or fails to improve on lower cost options. For more information on how PharmaCare makes these decision please click here

Extended benefits plans vary in how they determine extra coverage and some are now following the same rules as PharmaCare in determining eligibility.

All families registered with the Medical Services Plan (MSP) should complete their Fair PharmaCaare application which sets your personal level of cover based on family income. Please click here to register. Should an unexpected illness come that involves treatment with newer, expensive medication then you will know what your annual maximum cost will be if you have done those forms.

If you find the cost is beyond your means when you go to fill a prescription, the pharmacist and doctor can look for alternatives or options for cover, so you need to speak up and ask for help. – Please don’t just decide to stop treatment.