Pathways is an online tool used by specialists and family physicians to find community resources, and to refer patients to an appropriate specialist. Many Divisions include information on family physicians accepting new patients in their Pathways database, so Pathways can be helpful in locating a family physician if your patient does not have one.

Using a secure, password-protected website, physicians can quickly access current and accurate community service and referral information, including wait times and areas of practice for specialists, clinics and health services across British Columbia.

Pathways users can find information for more than 4,700 specialists and over 1,100 clinics and health services. There are also:

  • more than 1,400 referral forms
  • over 2,200 physician-approved resources, including clinical tools and guidelines, patient information, and information on allied health professionals
  • and a variety of community services – so if you’re looking for a community mental health service, this is a great resource!

To learn more about Pathways please click here to find your local Division of Family Practice, or enter this link in to your browser .

You can also contact the Provincial Pathways team by emailing


Foundry Community Services Online Database

Search for resources in your community like counselling and mental health support, sexual health support, housing support, legal support, job help, and more. Please click here to access the Foundry’s online database of services in BC, or enter this link into your browser .

Youth Transitions Resources Available on Child Health BC Website

Many groups in BC are working to improve youth transition from paediatric to adult care for specific populations.  Resources on the CHBC Youth Transitions webpage include guidelines, clinical tools, and important information for professionals and others from several organizations on how to support the transition from pediatric to adult health services.

Youth Transitions Care Management Plans (YTCMPs)

Developed through the Specialist Services Committee (SSC), YTMCPs are provided for informational purposes to BC specialists and family physicians to facilitate continuity of care and appropriate treatment for youth and young adults with chronic health conditions and/or disabilities transitioning from paediatric to adult care.

Plans particularly relevant to community paediatricians include:  Repaired Atrial Septal Defect With No Residual Cardiac Abnormalities; SVT in the Cardiac section; and Drug Responsive Epilepsy in the Neurology section.

Click here for information about ON TRAC Transition Care Management Plans.