We have a VISION

The BCPS vision is optimal physical and mental health for all children and youth in British Columbia.


We have a MISSION

To optimize the health of the children and youth in BC, the BCPS advocates on their behalf, provides educational and practice support for its members and prepares and disseminates educational material and practical tools to the public.


These are our ROLES

  • The BCPS seeks to advance public policy to benefit children and their communities.
  • The BCPS collaborates with other child and family health advocates.
  • The BCPS initiates and supports research projects that impact child health in our region
  • The BCPS advocates for pediatricians professionally, providing ongoing education and representation at regional, provincial and federal medical organizations
  • The BCPS advocates for economic incentives to promote retention of specialists in pediatric practice

Board of Directors

Director – Fraser

Dr. Aven Poynter

Vice President
Dr. Steven Noseworthy


Dr. Bill Abelson

Advocacy Chair
Dr. Wilma Arruda

Dr. Todd Sorokan

Director – Northern BC
Dr. Kirsten Miller

Director – Vancouver Coastal
Dr. Nita Jain

Director – Vancouver Island
Dr. Jennifer Balfour

Director – Interior Health
Dr. Brenna Eldridge

Dr. Kelly Luu

AFP Representative
Dr. Kirk Schultz

CPS Representative
Dr. Paul Thiessen

UBC Head of Pediatrics
Dr. Allison Eddy

Dr. Alex Foran

Medical Student

Valerie Ward

Ms. Stephanie Stevenson