health initiatives
As part of the BC Pediatric Society vision of advocating for improved health, we have undertaken a number of health initiatives aimed at improving the health of children and youth in B.C.

Our projects range from education about the importance of immunization (including the importance of non-publicly funded vaccines) to initiatives aimed at decreasing wait times for appropriate mental health services for children and youth.

Want to know what initiatives the BCPS has focused on for 2016? Please click here for the Advocacy report.

We recently interviewed our Advocacy Chair, Dr. Wilma Arruda, a community pediatrician in Nanaimo. Dr. Arruda is passionate about advocacy; to read her whole interview, please click here .

By clicking the links on the left hand side of this page, you can see some of the work we have undertaken. In this section, you'll find valuable resources such as our 2014 Immunization Schedule as well as updates on our work in many health areas such as ADHD, childhood obesity and learning disabilities.

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